The Book

Our 40th anniversary conference – The Museum: A World Forum  – resulted in the very successful Museum Revolutions: How Museums Change and Are Changed. We intend to produce a follow-up book from The Museum in the Global Contemporary. If you would like to be considered for inclusion, this is the process:

  1. Following the conference, please send a single page proposal or abstract containing your name, institutional affiliation and role, address, email address, and the proposed title of your chapter and abstract. Please make sure this is all recorded on this single sheet so that we can keep track of the contributions. Please send this to by 30 June 2016. Mark the title of your email: Museum in the Global Contemporary. Please do not send full papers as we will not have time to review them. Please do not send rough drafts as I am afraid we do not have time to nurture papers for this volume. We are happy to receive submissions from authors who have not presented at the conference. We judge submissions on their quality not on the status or employing institution of the author. We welcome submissions from early career researchers.
  2. From these proposals we will select as many as we can to produce a book on the theme of the museum in the global contemporary. We will, however, respond to what is submitted before precisely setting the parameters of the book. Museum Revolutions was only conceived in response to the submissions. When we have made the selection in early July we will write to authors with details of the shape of the book, perhaps suggestions for the paper, formatting requirements and the deadline for submission which will be in early 2017. At this stage we will not be able to guarantee that the paper will be published as this will depend on the quality of the paper and the final fit with the book. We will communicate this when we write to the authors.
  3. Following submission, all papers will be refereed, and then returned to authors for correction if necessary. It is vital that papers are submitted in good order and meeting the required publisher’s style as we cannot engage in detailed editing of submissions. Authors will need to negotiate copyright of any illustrative material and any associated costs. We have no funding for illustration. We will inform authors of the possibilities for illustration during the writing process when we have secured the contract from the publisher.
  4. Our goal, depending on the size of the volume and the quality of the papers, is to have a high quality book published late 2017 or in January 2018.