Call for Papers, Poems, Plays and other Performances

**** Our call for papers has now closed but there is still time to submit a proposal for a poster, or a video (see below for details)**** 

This is a conference for museum scholars and professionals, and for students of museums, who want to debate the museum of this new now. Bring along your practice or your research but also consider this as an opportunity to be creative. In addition to accepting papers, we encourage contributors to consider other ways to contribute: a workshop, film, participatory performance, artwork, installation, display, digital and online contributions, a dance and so on.  We want to make space for debate and discussion in the programme and so will adopt the short paper format that has been so successful in previous conferences. We will be showcasing the work of professionals and show the generational change that is taking place in terms of how we think about the museum and its engagements in the world. We want everyone to leave this conference transformed: thinking new thoughts and prepared to do new things.

Poster and Video Exhibition

Rather than presenting in one of the sessions, you might want to make a more permanent contribution such as a poster paper, a video presentation, an audio story, and so on, which can be displayed at the conference venue and also online.  We welcome expressions of interest from researchers, practitioners, and postgraduates to name but a few! Submissions for our Poster and Video Exhibition are also open to those who are unable to join the conference in person.

Please email us at with  your ideas. The deadline for poster/video expressions of interest is later than the deadline for session proposals: 10th February 2016. Final submissions should be sent to us digitally by 20th March. Films, video and audio presentations should be no more than 3 minutes in duration. Further criteria for submissions is available from Katy Bunning and Mohan Zhu (email

Conference publication

We intend to produce an edited book from this conference but this will be a follow-on project, and will not take into account whether you presented a formal paper, produced a video or made an installation at the conference itself.